Designing a Mini-Beast

In Topic, the children looked at different features of mini-beasts. They discussed why these features might be useful. Then, they had a go at designing their own.


My mini-beast has a long body, blue and orange wings, 2 antennae and a sting.

By Kian


My mini-beast is called a ‘waspbeeto’. It has 2 antennae, green and pink wings and a sharp sting.

By Ariarna


My mini-beast is called a rainbow bug. It has 16 legs and a colourful body.

By Piotr


My mini-beast has 83 legs, a long colourful body and a blue sting.

By Ben


My mini-beast is called a ‘shinee’. It is pink, yellow and orange. It has 6 legs, heart-shaped anntennaesĀ and sting.

By Lilly



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