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This half term, we are holding a special blogging challenge that will give children a chance to show their fantastic story writing skills. The challenge is to create a story based on the picture above. Children could write about who lives in these magical woods, what adventures they might go on in the magical woods or any other ideas that the children might have.


Please post your entries on to the class blogs. If this is not possible written entries can be handed to your child’s class teacher. The deadline for the challenge is: Thursday 30th November. We are looking forward to reading your ideas. We will be choosing a winner from the Year 1 and 2 blogging challenge who will receive a trophy and prize. The winner will also have their writing published in the school newsletter! There are also several prizes available for runners up.

Please make sure you include your name!

Good Luck!


2 thoughts on “Home Blogging Challenge – Leave your entry as a reply…

  1. Grace Burnt

    Once upon a time in a magical wood, lived two best friends, one was a fairy called Glitterbug, and the other was a squirrel called Sunnytails, and they were best of friends. Glitterbug could fly high into the trees really fast, whilst Sunnytails would climb up the tree after her. Sunnytails always wished she could fly just like her friend Glitterbug she wished and wished so hard that when she woke up that sunny morning she also had beautiful rainbow wings just like her friend Glitterbug. They spent the day flying through the trees together having so much fun. As night fell, both friends fell to sleep. In the morning Sunnytails woke up, she didn’t have rainbow wings anymore. Was it all a dream ? THE END


  2. Isaac smith

    It looked like some middle-sized mean witches were controlling the forest and the forest had a yellow dust going around one brown, tall tree. They looked like Christmas trees with loads of leafy branches pointing side to side. Magical people who can cast spells live under the trees. They live inside the trees too. They do Christmas spells to make it snow. The witches don’t like the snow so they stopped being naughty and they stayed in the forest and they all had a Christmas snowball party. At the party they had chocolate cake and chocolate buns which made them even more powerful. Then the witches became friends with the magical people and they played on a slide together they made out of green, bouncy, curved and soft leaves.

    By Isaac



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