My Rabbit

My rabbit loves to play with her friends. She loves to play football because it is fun. She loves to splash in the pool with a doughnut rubber ring. She has soft pink fur and she is called flamingo.

By Brooke

Designing a Mini-Beast

In Topic, the children looked at different features of mini-beasts. They discussed why these features might be useful. Then, they had a go at designing their own.


My mini-beast has a long body, blue and orange wings, 2 antennae and a sting.

By Kian


My mini-beast is called a ‘waspbeeto’. It has 2 antennae, green and pink wings and a sharp sting.

By Ariarna


My mini-beast is called a rainbow bug. It has 16 legs and a colourful body.

By Piotr


My mini-beast has 83 legs, a long colourful body and a blue sting.

By Ben


My mini-beast is called a ‘shinee’. It is pink, yellow and orange. It has 6 legs, heart-shaped anntennaes and sting.

By Lilly


Moana vs Maui

This week we have been learning what makes a good sentence. We learnt the sentence high five to help us remember what we must include.

At the start of the week, we watched a clip from Pixar’s Moana. Then, we wrote sentences to describe Moana and her friend Maui. We also tried to use the conjunctions to compare the two characters.

Here are some of the sentences we came up with…


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